Carole Whang Schutter was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii and is an evangelical Christian. A widow, Carole has been a motivational speaker to live audiences as well as appearing on TV and radio shows. She now occupies her time writing novels, screenplays, and inspirational books. “September Dawn” is her first screenplay written in collaboration with Director/Producer Christopher Cain. She has had an enduring interest in religion and has researched most of the major world religions. A skier and a hiker, she has found Aspen to be the perfect place for her interests and a wonderful place to write. Carole has just completed the novel based on the movie “September Dawn.” Currently, she is working on several screenplays and a historical novel about her home state Hawaii. 


Carole Whang Schutter and Linda Evans Shepherd announce “Miracle Quest,” an exciting adventure into the wonderful world of real miracles that will encourage and inspire you. Through our Blogtalk Radio Show, our Miracle TV Shows, ebooks, upcoming webinars and teleseminars, Linda and Carole will teach you what the Bible says you need to do to live a life of miracles happen. Listen to the gripping stories of people who had to overcome extraordinary obstacles in order to get their miracle. Learn of miraculous healings and remarkable turnarounds. Learn to eat the right foods, exercise, and the latest alternative healing techniques and God-given herbs that will help your body to heal itself. Become a part of Miracle Quest and experience miracles for yourself and your loved ones.  


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